Friday, October 7, 2011

Sketchbooky sketches

Crazy deadline week is over, and it's Friday. While everyone is out partying, celebrating the end of the madness that was week 5 I sit here at home updating my blog. Party party yes all good and fun, but take heed fellow friends for we are still not in the clear. There is still week 6 and 7 which entail a couple of tests no doubt, a painting assignment, and the up-coming portfolio day.

I got some sketchbook work scanned in.

Remember that "Goals for This Year" post I posted not too long ago? Well in order to reach those goals and to all around get better at something, I devised this sketchbook workout which I cleverly called "The Workout". It lasted for about a week before I started getting sleep deprived. Thinking about revising The Workout and starting it up again this week. Let's see if I can make it to 2 weeks this time.


Layout thumbnails. The last half were for painting class.

Character poses

Character designs

People on the subway

House I did for Komza's Layout class. We had to do a house on a slope in an hour. He said it was definitely a portfolio piece. I said I could do better. It was in pencil originally. Threw on some greys in Photoshop.

This was me trying to do better. Perhaps when you see it next, it will be all nice and cleaned up and CGed. Just gotta wait for that new computer and or graphics card to roll in my way. ...And/or some student loan/paycheque money. /tummygrumble.

In other news I blew $27 on 2 hard cover books without thinking twice about it today. Oops there goes my food allowance for the next 2 weeks. Also, regrettably, one of the reasons why I'm not celebrating with my friends in Toronto/Richmond Hill tonight. Oh the bitter troubles of a bibliophile.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for an Update

So I haven't been able to CG or draw as much in my free time as I had hoped. Week 5 (this week) of school is killer, though I'd rather be busting my ass for this, something I can care about, rather than studying economics or what have you. Nothing much to show for now...

First name plate that we scanned then coloured

Second name plate that I did because I'm not a big fan of scanning and then colouring. Was also dying to paint.

Went for a photography break with a couple of friends the other day to have at least 1 day of weekend.

It was fun.

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