Friday, December 23, 2011

Progress I guess

Rumour has it that this year's first years are pretty intense on life drawing and working hard in all subject areas than the previous years....

First life drawing portfolio of the year.

Things that I should work on:

Second life drawing portfolio of the year

Things to work on:
Saturation/line quality
Structure (limbs/appendages)
Cross Contour

Hoping to go to life drawing at least 4 times a week the end of this term.
Still not on the wall....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Layout Portfolio

I really didn't have anything refined so I coloured all my in-class work sketches in one night.... Wish I coulda done more exploration with persective and stuff.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Need More Chocolate and Tea

I should not even be on here right now...
But I feel like I've spent too much of my life on this bone project right now. Anyway, end of semester is pretty intense.... Did I say not as crazy or stressful as I expected it to be? Well then, I lied right through my teeth. Haven't had the time to scan in my dailies either... been doing them, just not digitally.

Anyway we had this project for character design class where we had to pick and artist and research their background and what we could learn from their art so I chose Jeff Simpson who I really admire, more so now that I've creeped his "stupid teenager" journals on dA. We also had to design our own character based on our research... Here's how mine turned out:

What is anatomy...?? Hahaha...

Actually this was easier than I expected it to be even though it turned out nothing like Jeff's stuff. But his method (or what I could decipher from pictures) was really really realllllyyyyy fun. Really need to do more digital work over the winter break.

Painting class thumbnail hax

I still find it hilarious that this is acceptable...

Guess who as a human??

Anyway, enough procrastinating... Back to the grind. Gah.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Everyone is Wonderful

So these past few weeks have been awesome and busy. I've been listening and watching to a lot of inspiring stuff lately; so inspiring, in fact, that I have decided to take this person's advice and create something cool everyday. I have even started a blog for it!

Here's the lecture in case anyone is curious.

Speaking of inspiring things, I've been listening also to this awesome podcast called Guys with Pencils. Two recent grads from Sheridan animation do this podcast. They interview a whole bunch of people in the industry and tell some interesting stories from what it was like to be at Sheridan. Over all a great and informative podcast! Available at iTunes. Also without iTunes!

School's been busy lately. The deadlines coming up seem overwhelming but to be honest, it doesn't seem as crazy or stressful as I expected it to be. Maybe it's good time management?? In other news animating is growing on me..... which I guess is a good thing.

Here are some expressions from character design class. Not happy with them at all.....

... So for lack of current content from me have some old work from 2010...
(favourite 4th generation pokemon)

Other than that, I've been working on a "school work" demo reel which should be done in 2 weeks. So please look forward to upcoming shits and giggles!

Obligatory pimpage of new blog and more awesome content:
Check it out! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Animals and Alien

It was my boyfriend's birthday on the weekend. Being the poor art student that I am I painted him a picture. Done with gouache on 15" x 10" watercolour paper. Touched it up a bit with pen and pencil on the GO-Train afterwards; scans instead of photos to come afterwards.

Not too happy with it. The sky could be better.... since we just finished cloud studies in painting class. Didn't plan out the colour scheme too well either. Oh well. The painting itself was pretty fun.

In other news our class went to the Royal Winter Fair not too long ago. Here are some of my favourite gestures. Studies to come soon!

Brush pen is amazing for gestures.

I love colouring. Love love love. Colour experimentations.

These chickens were by far the most amusing thing there. If I had a farm I would dye all my chickens. They reminded me of live Christmas lights.

A classmate asked me what subject I thought I was doing the best in. Had to think about that one for a bit, but I'd say layout... mostly because I really enjoy that class. Something about technical drawings really appeal to me. Perhaps I'm just a crazy nazi tyrant who finds beauty in order and straight lines?

Anyway I can't decide which presentation I like better. The video is the same as the shots, just in video format.

Actually I think I like the 2d illustration layout better than the video. You can appreciate the details so much more but I guess they both have their purposes.

In other news, my squid animation is coming along. Just waiting to get it back from marking so I can work on it some more. And then figure out how to pan it.

Here have a mini pan for now.... I actually really like the background for this. Ironically it was all done with mouse...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some of the Stuff I've Been Working On

You'd think that during reading week, when one has a whole week off, one could find some time to update ze blog. Clearly this was not the case. Unfortunately that blog updating time was rudely interrupted by holy-shit-Team-Fortress-2-halloween-event-devil-tail-for-pyro-must-get time. Even more so unfortunately I didn't get that damn tail-of-the-crypt.

Anyway, excuses aside, here are some life drawings that Mark Thurman did not particularly like over some other particular life drawings.

Also to add to my streak of unfortunateness, I didn't make the life drawing wall-of-fame this week. It made my heart hurted. Apparently there are somethings I do not know about life drawing. I must dissect some brains and do more studies.

These were actually quite fun because I've never done just torsos before. I enjoyed very much trying to figure them out.

Other than that I went to costumed life drawing. What should I work on? Is there a book on costumed life drawing anyone would like to reccommend?

And now a combination of the two! Almost naked bodies! She's wearing a starfish ok?
Kinda wanna colour these. I mean all the work on the line art would be such a waste if I didn't.

And that's that for that. I leave you with this stress relieving just for fun doodle. Somehow despite this never ending work I managed to squeeze out some fan art.

More stuff to come soon!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aethyr. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sketchbooky sketches

Crazy deadline week is over, and it's Friday. While everyone is out partying, celebrating the end of the madness that was week 5 I sit here at home updating my blog. Party party yes all good and fun, but take heed fellow friends for we are still not in the clear. There is still week 6 and 7 which entail a couple of tests no doubt, a painting assignment, and the up-coming portfolio day.

I got some sketchbook work scanned in.

Remember that "Goals for This Year" post I posted not too long ago? Well in order to reach those goals and to all around get better at something, I devised this sketchbook workout which I cleverly called "The Workout". It lasted for about a week before I started getting sleep deprived. Thinking about revising The Workout and starting it up again this week. Let's see if I can make it to 2 weeks this time.


Layout thumbnails. The last half were for painting class.

Character poses

Character designs

People on the subway

House I did for Komza's Layout class. We had to do a house on a slope in an hour. He said it was definitely a portfolio piece. I said I could do better. It was in pencil originally. Threw on some greys in Photoshop.

This was me trying to do better. Perhaps when you see it next, it will be all nice and cleaned up and CGed. Just gotta wait for that new computer and or graphics card to roll in my way. ...And/or some student loan/paycheque money. /tummygrumble.

In other news I blew $27 on 2 hard cover books without thinking twice about it today. Oops there goes my food allowance for the next 2 weeks. Also, regrettably, one of the reasons why I'm not celebrating with my friends in Toronto/Richmond Hill tonight. Oh the bitter troubles of a bibliophile.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for an Update

So I haven't been able to CG or draw as much in my free time as I had hoped. Week 5 (this week) of school is killer, though I'd rather be busting my ass for this, something I can care about, rather than studying economics or what have you. Nothing much to show for now...

First name plate that we scanned then coloured

Second name plate that I did because I'm not a big fan of scanning and then colouring. Was also dying to paint.

Went for a photography break with a couple of friends the other day to have at least 1 day of weekend.

It was fun.

(click picture to browse album)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goals for This Semester/Year

There are a couple of things I want to tackle this semester/year.
  • B&W Sketches
  • Creature/monster design
  • Watercolour
  • Layout
  • Hands
  • Painting
I also want to sleep 8 hours a night, eat veggies everyday and eventually get around to doing my laundry. Possibly cutting my nails as well...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Stuff

Here's some of the stuff I did over the summer. Also some life drawings, but I forgot to take pictures of those


Painting/study of movement. I noticed that all the paintings that I enjoy the most have some sort of texture and/or movement in them.

Wanted to do a master painting: Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman by Adam Hughes.

I took this study from Digital Painting Techniques: Master Collection Volume 1. Wanted to finish it but unfortunately when I resized it to save it as a preview I saved it over my original file. Perhaps I'll do another one some time soon.

Using minimal colours.

Post riot doodle

Other just for fun stuff: