Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Need More Chocolate and Tea

I should not even be on here right now...
But I feel like I've spent too much of my life on this bone project right now. Anyway, end of semester is pretty intense.... Did I say not as crazy or stressful as I expected it to be? Well then, I lied right through my teeth. Haven't had the time to scan in my dailies either... been doing them, just not digitally.

Anyway we had this project for character design class where we had to pick and artist and research their background and what we could learn from their art so I chose Jeff Simpson who I really admire, more so now that I've creeped his "stupid teenager" journals on dA. We also had to design our own character based on our research... Here's how mine turned out:

What is anatomy...?? Hahaha...

Actually this was easier than I expected it to be even though it turned out nothing like Jeff's stuff. But his method (or what I could decipher from pictures) was really really realllllyyyyy fun. Really need to do more digital work over the winter break.

Painting class thumbnail hax

I still find it hilarious that this is acceptable...

Guess who as a human??

Anyway, enough procrastinating... Back to the grind. Gah.

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  1. Christine you should know I admire you a lot. and I love that drawing you did of scar, its amazing! I didnt know you had a blog until I checked on the sheridan animation blog a while ago. I was like "hey! Christine is there!" I hope you had an awesome holiday, and thank you so much for your help with my portfolio!

    your Mexican friend Ana =)