Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Animals and Alien

It was my boyfriend's birthday on the weekend. Being the poor art student that I am I painted him a picture. Done with gouache on 15" x 10" watercolour paper. Touched it up a bit with pen and pencil on the GO-Train afterwards; scans instead of photos to come afterwards.

Not too happy with it. The sky could be better.... since we just finished cloud studies in painting class. Didn't plan out the colour scheme too well either. Oh well. The painting itself was pretty fun.

In other news our class went to the Royal Winter Fair not too long ago. Here are some of my favourite gestures. Studies to come soon!

Brush pen is amazing for gestures.

I love colouring. Love love love. Colour experimentations.

These chickens were by far the most amusing thing there. If I had a farm I would dye all my chickens. They reminded me of live Christmas lights.

A classmate asked me what subject I thought I was doing the best in. Had to think about that one for a bit, but I'd say layout... mostly because I really enjoy that class. Something about technical drawings really appeal to me. Perhaps I'm just a crazy nazi tyrant who finds beauty in order and straight lines?

Anyway I can't decide which presentation I like better. The video is the same as the shots, just in video format.

Actually I think I like the 2d illustration layout better than the video. You can appreciate the details so much more but I guess they both have their purposes.

In other news, my squid animation is coming along. Just waiting to get it back from marking so I can work on it some more. And then figure out how to pan it.

Here have a mini pan for now.... I actually really like the background for this. Ironically it was all done with mouse...


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