Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some of the Stuff I've Been Working On

You'd think that during reading week, when one has a whole week off, one could find some time to update ze blog. Clearly this was not the case. Unfortunately that blog updating time was rudely interrupted by holy-shit-Team-Fortress-2-halloween-event-devil-tail-for-pyro-must-get time. Even more so unfortunately I didn't get that damn tail-of-the-crypt.

Anyway, excuses aside, here are some life drawings that Mark Thurman did not particularly like over some other particular life drawings.

Also to add to my streak of unfortunateness, I didn't make the life drawing wall-of-fame this week. It made my heart hurted. Apparently there are somethings I do not know about life drawing. I must dissect some brains and do more studies.

These were actually quite fun because I've never done just torsos before. I enjoyed very much trying to figure them out.

Other than that I went to costumed life drawing. What should I work on? Is there a book on costumed life drawing anyone would like to reccommend?

And now a combination of the two! Almost naked bodies! She's wearing a starfish ok?
Kinda wanna colour these. I mean all the work on the line art would be such a waste if I didn't.

And that's that for that. I leave you with this stress relieving just for fun doodle. Somehow despite this never ending work I managed to squeeze out some fan art.

More stuff to come soon!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aethyr. :)