Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Dump for Yooou

Here's part of my sketchbook as promised. There's a ton more that I gotta scan. Ran out of time to do so though. Boo.

Been watching a lot of Modern Family lately. Gotta say Gloria is one of my favourite characters. Everything about her is so well done and true to her culture too. 

Eugene calls me "Ree". We were talking about buttery things. This was the result.

Concept for that big small project. It's not a zoom in, I just wanted to crop it... 

Studies mostly. Oh yeah. My new favourite things are pitt oil base pencils. I can't get over how amazing they are.

Not sure if you all know about how much I love fish and stupid derpy looking things. Especially stupid derpy looking fish. Practising character designs on the left. Fun amusing drawing on the right.

Anyway I'm gonna be in Vermont for the weekend at Jay Peak for some quality snowboarding time. I think I've bragged about this everywhere now except my blog. Excited!

But guess what's more exciting? Going to California during reading week! Hoping to get at least a few awesome sketches of the wonderful west coast. We're scheduled to see LV, LA, San Fran, and Death Valley! Desert landscapes, mountains, beaches, circuses & shows, trams & trolleys, beautiful houses, cramped architecture, intricate infrastructure, crazy lights & engineering, and Americans! 

Anyway stay tuned for vacation drawings!
Thanks for looking. Hope you all have a great long weekend!


  1. Sweet work! Your sketchbooks are gold. : D And glad you discovered those oil based pencils...I'm running out with my little stub left. : ( Maybe we can do a tiny parcel exchange one day. I send you weird china thingies and foods in exchange for pencils? : D

    1. Thanks Julie! :) Yours are pretty awesome too!. Yeah those pencils just rock so hard. They're slowly taking up all the space in my pencil case... I'm down for a package exchange! SO DOWN for strange China things! In return normal Canada things and pitt oil pencils! If there's anything else specific you would like just let me know!

  2. Christine! you should give me a digital painting class one of these days... you are so good! I agree with Juli, your sketchbook is gold! I hope you had fun in California... I'm guessing it was sunny, so I hope you enjoyed it!